Music is arguably something that has had a significant impact on the vast majority of human beings on this planet. That is why I fail to see why people would think that casinos do not make any use of such methods to properly manipulate the people to stay in longer on the casino floor. Music is definitely used by casinos to influence people and their moods and also their thought processes. They make use of upbeat music in a lot of areas of the casinos so that people end up making large bets. They also like making sure that they capture people in the heat of the moment so that they make quick decisions which will end up benefiting the casino a lot more.

The Manipulation Techniques Casinos Use When It Comes To Music

Casinos are usually designed to make sure that people are relaxed and energetic so that they can have some fun and do some gambling. There are so many disorienting things in a casino, and I am going to be talking about a few of them.

  1. Firstly, there are absolutely no clothes at all. You will not find o’clock anywhere near the casino floor, because they do not want people to realise how much time they have spent on the casino floor. Well, you can obviously look at your watch or your smartphone, but they don’t want you to look up and see a clock.
  2. Secondly, you will realise that they have made use of a maze-like pattern, especially when we are talking about how the slot machines are laid out. You also get entranced by the psychedelic carpets that are laid out on the floor. All of these things are actually designed to make sure that you have a good time on the casino floor.
  3. You should also know that a lot of cocktail waitresses are instructed to keep bringing you alcoholic drinks, especially when you are gambling. This makes sure that you are completely manipulated into staying where you are.
  4. Even the lighting is a manipulation.
  5. If we are talking about music, they change it constantly, depending on the part of the casino. In some parts of the casino, they play relaxing music that makes you really comfortable. They want you to feel comfortable so that you don’t leave. In other parts of the music, according to a lot of research studies, they play a very upbeat, aggressive music, so that it makes people gamble a lot more. If loud and beat music is playing, people get excited, and they tend to make very large bets. This is exactly what is the casino wants and needs.

Keep all of the above in mind, next time you are in a casino.