Casino gambling has changed over the past two decades, with the sudden exodus of gamblers from the land-based casinos to online casinos defining the century’s biggest change for the industry. Millions of people across the globe have access to online gambling options, which also means that the chances of winning have reduced significantly. But as the number of gamblers increased, more online casinos were developed to accommodate the demands of all the players.

Many of these casinos have put in some serious effort to compile an exciting collection of tracks for the different gaming sessions. But none of those melodic tunes might suit your gambling style, especially if you want some upbeat tunes playing in your ears while betting. While some players may enjoy the sound effects, others would consider it outright appalling. So, it is important that we play the songs we love so that the games don’t end up in favor of the casinos all the time. Here are some of the best tracks that can help enhance your casino gambling experience.

Top 3 Songs that Enhance Your Casino Gambling Experience

1. Spin Me Round- Dead or Alive

Fans of slots or roulette wheel will love to dance to Spin Me Round when the track is playing in those fancy earphones. As you move to the tunes, the games on your screens also in progress; make sure to place the best bets when you prance about in the room. This song by Dead or Alive was released in 1985 and remained on the top of this list. Spin Me Round will stay in your head long after you have stopped playing the game, and it only serves you better when you have won. The excitement is taken to a whole new level with the beats of this song.

2. Poker Face- Lady Gaga

The ideal anthem for your poker sessions is Lady Gaga’s Poker Face, which in the gambling world is a stoic face that gives away no expressions or hints of the cards in hand. If you are a part of an epic tournament, there is no better song than Poker Face to feed your ears with. This will surely help you traverse the game of poker at a relaxed pace. When playing poker with this song in your head, the last thing you need to worry about is putting on a poker face.

3. Ace of Spades- Motorhead

Cards may not be your favorite way to make some money from gambling, but this song is bound to make you switch your plan. Ace of Spades is an epic track that plays its way through our hearts with guitar riffs and fun lyrics. It is a definitive Motorhead anthem that the rock legends consider a muse. Blunt power and speed are combined in the song with a trace of vague card-related lyrics. These elements make for the perfect track you want to listen to while playing any casino card game.